Clamshell buckets for excavators

Clamshell buckets for excavators and mini-excavators are equipment for different material handling, loading and unloading, they have also the possibility to mount removable teeth for light digging.
Tracked or wheeled excavators work with more than 250 BAR pressure, our grabs at BAR 200/250 depending on the type, therefore a max valve should always be mounted on the arm of the excavator to regulate the oil pressure favoring the correct use of the hydraulic bucket, naturally if the machine does not have it already as standard.
Clamshell buckets are used in many fields, in agriculture for the collection of cereals and related products, such as to move soil and brushwood during the maintenance of a garden or in construction sites for loading sand, debris and other materials.
To have an improved security, many of our clamshell buckets have standard a check control valve, that’s very important because it prevents that an equipment loses its load in case of breakage of hydraulic hoses.

Our range of clamshell buckets

Tecnobenne offers for each type of bucket several models with different capacities and dimensions: for example we offer clamshell buckets for mini-excavators from 10-15 quintals up to heavier excavators of 280 quintals.

Clamshell bucket BOTL M

Clamshell bucket for different materials.

Clamshell bucket BOTL MR

Clamshell bucket for waste and green areas maintenance.

Clamshell bucket BOT L

Clamshell bucket with a large opening.

Clamshell bucket BOT R

Clamshell bucket with removable side-walls standard.

Clamshell bucket BOT S

Clamshell bucket for loading and unloading.

Clamshell bucket BOT 2

Clamshell bucket with two horizontal cylinders.

Clamshell bucket BVT 1

Clamshell bucket for light digging.

Clamshell bucket BVT B

Clamshell bucket for beet.

Clamshell bucket BVT 2

Clamshell bucket for digging.